About Family On Keto

Hi, keto life lowers!

If you are interested in low carb keto diet and keto lifestyle, and want to enjoy keto life, you are on the right place!

I am very busy mother, wife, business woman and keto lifestyle hedonist. I started this blog for fun and sharing experience. Just a few years ago, I was “only” working in international company, travelling the world, and didn’t even think about having children, family, cooking family meals, etc. But, as I’ve done many things I thought I will never do, in the moment of starting this blog I was pregnant with my second child and living full keto lifestyle. Currently, I am trying to feed my family with a real food, preparing a healthy low carb / keto meals for adult members and paleo with dairy for children.

I was always lucky and never had problems with weight. But some of my family members had, and keto life helped them to loose weight and significantly improve health. In my second pregnancy I had gestational diabetes. So I decided to check if keto diet could work for me. And my blood glucose was in complete order! I was pleasantly surprised with keto lifestyle and improvement of my health during my keto pregnancy. I had only one side effect of this way of life and that makes me to love it even more – my skin is healthier then ever! So I wanted to share my excitement with the world!

As I am very studies-oriented (master from nursing and political sciences), I tried to find and read everything on this topic. And, I couldn’t find a lot about keto lifestyle during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, there is not much about children on low carb high fat and paleo diet. That’s why I decided to start this blog and share my experience and findings about it. I am also traveling and discovering a lot, so I will share my recipes but also my findings and thoughts about children meals and development, breastfeeding, keto family travelling, and keto lifestyle.