Keto macros calculator

Keto macros calculator for keto diet

Easy macros calculator for keto and low carb diet!



Family on keto macros calculator is really easy to use! Just fill the form and you will get your macros calculated immediately! Our macros calculator for keto diet is great tool if you need keto calculator for weight loss or you are maintaining your weight. We were thinking about people who are exercising and want to gain some muscles too!

This macro calculator for keto could be used for low carb diet or lchf diet. It’s useful if you want to check your calories daily intake or you just want to choose what food to eat, so it could be macros calculator for food selection. When it comes to choosing your food, we have a huge collection of keto and low carb recipes on our blog! We have even some delicious and totally guilt free keto desserts!


We are talking about macros all the time but what are macros? Macros are macronutrients – fat, carbohydrates and protein. 

For low carb or keto diet it is very important to reach and maintain the state of ketosis. To achieve that you will need to restrict carbohydrates. For some people restricting carbohydrates and maintaining ketosis is easy and they can just eat keto food and be on a so called “lazy keto” diet. However, majority of people will need to calculate their macros to stay in ketosis and achieve their weight loss goals or other keto goals.

When you calculate your macros it will be much easier to track them and maintain your keto lifestyle! Especially if you’re on the beginning of your keto journey.


There are numerous scientifically proven benefits of eating low carb or ketogenic diet, besides weight loss. General rule on keto is to stay under 30 g of NET Carbs per day. For wight loss is recommended to keep below 20 g.

Goal of keeping NET Carbs so low is to be in a metabolic state of ketosis. 

While it is important to keep NET Carbs low, you will need to track your protein too because you shouldn’t take too much or too low. 

It looks very complicated, but that’s why we have this easy calculator! With calculator your protein is calculated immediately based on your activity level.

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To stay on track with keto you will need fresh and creative keto recipes!

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