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Zagreb Advent Keto Guide

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Did you know that Croatian capital Zagreb has the best Christmas Market in Europe? Well, now you know! According to European Best Destinations readers votes in an online poll Zagreb got the biggest number of votes. Definitely there is a lot to see and feel this Advent in Zagreb. But we are interested in food! Is there any keto friendly food there? At my greatest surprise the answer is YES! There is a plenty of super yummy food that keto & lchf people could enjoy!

In Fuliranje at Trg J. J. Strossmayer you will find small wooden houses where some well known Zagreb restaurants serve street food you can eat outside while enjoying Christmas Market.

I sacrificed for you and tried a lot of food there. You can just come with my guide and enjoy! There is a lot of really yummy street food dishes served in brioche or in some kind of bun and they are willing to serve it without it which is great. Only thing is that some of the street restaurants are not ready for keto or lchf customers and don’t have forks 🍴 and plates! Here is my appeal to restaurant’s managers – please think about us, brioche-less and bun fighters! Keep some forks 🍴 and plates for us! Keto & LCHF is rising and is better to be prepared! 🙂 And for you, my keto fellow – take some forks with you just to be on a safe side!

This time we didn’t want to take the food from the plate less restaurants because we didn’t want to misguide you but you will maybe just want to take that dish so better be prepared.

Here are some delicious keto friendly dishes you can find

This Chicken Ramen is so delicious! You can find it in Time restaurant wooden house. It contains chicken stock, sous vide chicken tights, boiled egg, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and dried tomatoes. I recommend you to start with this dish. Dish is served with noodle and you have to ask them to serve it without noodles. I ate this dish without noodles and I haven’t miss anything. Ramen was great, full of taste and it will warm you up, as outside is really cold!

Rougemarin restaurant serves seriously good sausages – we tried chorizo with onions, some salsa and pickled cucumbers as a side dish – and we can only recommend it!

And at the end – as a crown of Zagreb Advent keto food tour – Meat The King! We tried few dishes there and we were so excited with every bite. That is a real ADVENTure for your taste buds! The King and The Queen burgers! We take it without the bun, on a plate with salad. OMG! That is ridiculously tasty! The King is made of dry age beef and The Queen is made of black slavonian pig meat. Meat is covered with nice, rich layer of cheddar cheese. It is just melting in your mouth.

If you still haven’t decide which Christmas Market in Europe to visit – Check and find some nice place to stay in Zagreb and experience this delicious ADVENTure! You have time until January 7th!

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