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Keto protein raspberry and chocolate smoothie

Picture of keto smoothie with raspberries and chocolate

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Looking for a perfect keto smoothie after exercising? This keto protein raspberry and chocolate smoothie is perfect nutritious refreshment!

Since starting regular exercising I really crave good, rich and nutritious smoothies. My body is literally screaming for a good keto smoothie!

I don’t know why is it like that but I know that I have to say yes to that call. With years I learned how to listen to my body and how to nourish myself.

Picture of a glass of low carb smoothie with raspberries and chocolate

Homemade keto protein raspberry and chocolate smoothie

Combination of frozen raspberries and chocolate whey protein is divine! It has deliciously thick texture with really rich flavor. I really feel nourished after one glass full of this smoothie. The best part of it is that you can have so rich taste full of raspberries and really low carbs. 

There is less than 6 g of NET Carbs in huge smoothie. That’s really great! Of course, if you want to reduce the carbs even more you can reduce the amount of raspberries. 


Frozen raspberries

This keto friendly smoothie recipe is so easy to prepare during the whole year. Frozen raspberries you can find in probably every store. They are not expensive and having a great flavor.

Very often I use frozen raspberries for keto smoothie recipes and keto desserts. That’s why I recommend you to have a bag of frozen raspberries in your freezer. Just keep it here and you can use them whenever you crave smoothie or something sweet.

Glass of low carb smoothie with frozen raspberries and chocolate protein powder

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Photo of keto raspberry smoothie with chocolate whey powder

Whey protein

I like to use whey protein in my keto smoothies. It’s very important to take enough protein in your food and besides, whey gives delicious thickness to your smoothies.

Cottage cheese

Full fat cottage cheese is one of my favorite ingredients. I like to eat it for breakfast. My children love it too. I put it in my keto bread and keto foccacia. It’s just fantastic source of fat, proteins and nutrients. If you put it in your smoothie, it gets really rich taste. But, always look for a real full fat cottage cheese, no low fat or similar. Just a real stuff! 🙂

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Keto protein raspberry and chocolate smoothie

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Serves: 2


  • Frozen raspberries 1 cup/150 g/5.3 oz
  • Full fat cottage cheese 1/2 cup/120 g/4.2 oz
  • Pure unsweetened whey protein powder chocolate flavor 2 TBS/20 g/0.7 oz
  • Water 2 cups
  • Optional Low carb sweetener (erythritol or xylitol) 1 TBS
  • Decoration
  • Chunks of dark chocolate
  • Few raspberries



Put all ingredients in a strong blender and mix until you get nice and smooth mixture.


When smoothie is well combined and properly smooth, pour it in glasses.


Garnish your smoothie with few raspberries and chunks of dark chocolate.


Enjoy your smoothie!


This amount gives large glasses of smoothie or 2 servings. Nutritional value per glass/serving: Cal 137, Fat 3.47 g, Carbs 11 g, Fiber 5.28 g, NET Carbs 5.72 g, Protein 15 g. This is for your information only. Calculate your own macros with ingredients you use.

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